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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Peripatetic Philosopher reflects:

When you cry, like Chicken Little, “The sky is falling,” sometimes you are lucky and what you have been saying forever is not only heard, but echoed across the land!

James R. Fisher, Jr., Ph.D.

© May 16, 2017

Loyal readers of my blogs, books, articles and missives know that I have been harping on three things, if also constantly:

ONE: We are a damaged society with a damaged subtext (CONFIDENCE IN SUBTEXT, etc.);

TWO: Our young people refuse to grow up and you can put that business at the door of their parents;

THREE: Our mania and obsessive compulsive addiction to iPhones and the like as our baby-like pacifiers to nearly everyone are a threat now to our very society.

Low and behold Senator Benjamin Sasse of Nebraska has written a book that my readers will find nothing new that they have not discovered before on these pages or in my books, but I salute him nonetheless because at least he has the clout and perhaps some people will listen.

The book is THE VANISHING AMERICAN ADULT: Our Coming of Age Crisis – and How to Rebuild a Self-Reliant Culture.

It mirrors what is in CONFIDENCE IN SUBTEXT with the only difference is that I claim the CRISIS IS HERE; it is not coming!  But I don't have to be politically correct!