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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Peripatetic Philosopher is complimented by a reader:



Dear Dr. Fisher,

I've read only to the third stage of your new book and it is already helping me.  You mention that many years ago you read a similar book that changed your life when you were about my age, which is 36.  I've forgotten the title or the author but I can imagine your experience as that is something that is happening to me now.  You read many of this authors other books.  What other book by you should I read?

Tom T


Dear Tom T,

I'm glad you are finding this book useful.  The book to which you refer was "The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are," a book I read when I came back from South Africa in 1969.  Yes, it had an impact on me, leading to reading many more of Alan W. Watts's books.

What I suggest to you is that you read my book, reread parts that are particularly helpful, make notes of that fact, and not worry about reading anything else for a while.  That is what I did with the referenced work by Watts.  

His book didn't give me a road map, but got me out of my funk.  Ten Creative Stages to Confident Thinking is designed to provide the reader with a helpful guide to get over what I call "the wall" from success to continuing success.  I put into this work what has worked for me with the hope that the same proves true to you, the reader.

Once you complete this reading, and should you be of the same mind, it would be helpful to others who know nothing of this book if you wrote a brief comment on amazon.com.  It doesn't have to be anymore than what you have said here.

Thank you for your interest.

James R. Fisher, Jr., Ph.D.