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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Peripatetic Philosopher presents the final part of:

Nowhere Man in Nowhere Land

Part Twenty Four

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Life is without cause and Nature has no conscience. Christian-Judaic tradition has defied this fact turning to the Old Testament to support the idea that God ordained humans to dominate and have dominion over the Earth (Genesis). The rational being that man is a conscious being and superior and apart from other animals as he is made in the image and likeness of God.

The Sacred Words of the Bible were composed thousands of years ago when the known Western world was less than a million souls, but now is fast-tracking to 8 billion while diminishing the Earth’s animal, vegetable and mineral natural resources to the point of exhaustion.

The Christian tradition of progress has proven a lie with the utopian dream a fading fantasy. Faith in Utopia is dead. Like other faiths, it may be resurrected as there is evidence that “Old Time Religions” are resurfacing. They are currently at the heart of global conflict reeking terror, mayhem and ubiquitous violence.

Secular religion as science plays surrogate to apocalyptic theology promising redemption if not salvation through the miracle of synthetics to the Earth’s natural resources including man himself in the form of electronics and robotics. 

Soon, there will be no tangible function for man as robotics will have replaced him in work, and will have developed consciousness with the ability to think and act beyond human comprehension.

Science paradoxically compounds its challenges by accelerating the growth of human population through these synthetics while diminishing man’s function through Frankenstein robotics. This is chasing man into Nowhere Land or the garbage dump of his excesses that only robots can tolerate.