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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Peripatetic Philosopher announces soon to be published:

A Psychological Novel

The year 1968 severed the moral certainty of the past from the future shattering traditional anchors and reliable reference points.  Seamus, “Dirk” Devlin, a young Irish American engineer of provincial roots, finds himself in South Africa to facilitate the formation of a new conglomerate in the era of Afrikaner apartheid, a policy beyond his bucolic grasp.  
The United States, staggering into the future, its security once nestled between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, was now vulnerable to the rest of the world beyond those comfortable limits.  

WWII left nations across the globe in physical devastation and economic turmoil dependent on the industrial and technological support of the U.S. to put them right.  This challenge revealed the naiveté of American intellectuals, pundits, politicians, industrial leaders and ordinary citizens, such as Devlin, on how the world worked in recovery. 

This psychological novel introduces the reader to Devlin’s world, and possibly, to the reader’s as well.