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Monday, February 06, 2017

The Peripatetic Philosopher shares:


James R. Fisher, Jr., Ph.D.
© February 6, 2017


This is a description of a new book to soon be available in the Kindle Library of www.amazon.com.

 In the words of German philosopher Hermann Kantorowicz, ideas are weapons.  “There is an important distinction between thoughts and ideas,” he writes.  “Men possess thoughts.  Ideas possess men.”

Above all, the “Velvet Glove & Iron Fist” is a book of ideas, ideas that will possess you.  If you are one of those people who senses something is amiss, but you can’t put your finger on it, author James R. Fisher, Jr. gets inside the trivia hype that passes for knowledge explaining why everything we think we know is out of sync with the times, showing why there is finally traction between men and women as equal partners in a creative tomorrow.

Author Fisher sees us living in an unconscious civilization and mythical existence falsely focusing on a clash of cultures and people who pervade the fabric of society when these once epidemic barriers and biases no longer have purchase.  He claims we are moving out of the shadow of our defunct institutions from education to business, from the social to political, and from the religious to the workplace where events now control man rather than man events.

For the last seventy years, or since WWII, while everything has been unraveling, new ideas have taken hold as the basis of this prescient work, “The Velvet Glove & Iron Fist.” 

Women have risen to the fore as an expression of the Feminine Paradigm with the emphasis on “right brain” thinking as complement to the Masculine Paradigm of “left brain” thinking subsuming “mind” to all spheres of human activity in the problem solving.  We are leaving visionary Pitirim Sorokin’s (1889 – 1968) 600 year dying Sensate Culture, and are in a transitory period as we move into his 600 year Ideational Culture of a creative tomorrow.  Author Fisher is at the forefront of this new day challenging cherished suppositions showing how work and life can once again be extraordinaire.